Delete music from ipad mini ios 7

How to Delete songs music from your iPhone, iPad, iPod

Find an individual song you'd like to delete and swipe your finger across it to the left. Step 3: Tap on the big, red "Delete" button to remove the song. Open "Settings".

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delete Music from Your iPhone or iPad | Digital Trends

Tap on "General". Scroll down and tap on "Usage". Step 4: Tap on "Manage Storage". Step 5: Tap on "Music". Step 6: Tap on "Edit" at the top right. Step 7: Tap on the red minus - icon next to all music. Step 8: Tap on "Delete". You are done! All the music has been deleted from your music app. Connect your device to computer via a USB cable. Select "File Manager". Select "Music".

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I should add that the one annoying song that won't go away is the "now playing' song. Not sure if this factors into the problem. Apr 7, 3: Even after disabling them, I had three musics that could not be erased, even by swiping to the left. And no, there wasn't a cloud icon next to them.

Top 3 Ways to Delete Music from iPhone/iPad/iPod

After reopening the Music App, I could see one of the songs "vanish", since it sas one of the firsts the artist's name began with an A. One of the 3 "stubborn" musics was still there, but the swipe finally showed me the "delete" red button. Signing up to itunes again did not bring the problem back. I think I'll report this on the feedback session. Dec 9, 7: I'm having the same problem I have a long long long audio book on the ipad and I will be darned if I can get rid of it.

This has shaken my whole confidence in the Apple product. I've had the ipod for over a year so I'm experiencedd with synching but there is no way to get this darn thing OFF. I have even tried to empty the ipod of every single song and starting over but there is always something left. I did go to the 'auto site' to remove it but that didn't work either. Apple is just about the most controlling company I have ever dealt with and I'm getting pretty fed up with it.

Delete music and music videos

Makes me want to go back to another manufacturers mp3 player. Can anybody suggest something? I've got to the point where I should go to the Apple Store here in Ottawa for help. This is ridiculous. Jan 2, 8: So in summary:. Now switch back to your Music app.

Any songs that weren't downloaded before will now be gone. The rest should all be deletable by swiping left on it. If you still cannot get the delete button to appear try forcing the music app to close completely by double-clicking your home button and swiping up on the music app, and reopen it. Finally when you've got everything deleted you can sign back into iTunes in the settings app. Jun 10, I can't delete music from my iPad, iOs 7. Please, any suggestions? More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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